Power Grid


Today every aspect of our lives depends upon the power grid. Things we hold for granted like flipping a light switch and immediately we have light. Warm water for bathing. Heat to keep us warm. Refrigeration to keep our food from spoiling. Medical machines like dialysis machines that keep us alive. Ask yourself what would happen if we lost the power grid, not for just an hour or two, but a year. It’s been estimated that the death toll from a loss of power for one year would result in 90% of the population dying.

There are a number of ways that we could lose our grid. From natural events like a solar flare, to terrorist activity as a result of a physical attack or by a cyber attack.

If you following the news you can’t help but notice all the events that have involved cyber attacks. The director of the NSA has already address congress and has informed them that there is already evidence showing that other countries have managed to infiltrate our Utility systems. They there are others who indeed have the capability of shutting down our systems.

Start working on your plan today. To get just a small understanding of what it will be like should we lose the power grid, turn off your power at the main electrical box to your house, and leave it off for the next week. Remember that in all likely hood, you won’t have your vehicles either in the event of an EMP or Solar Flare. Use that experience to construct a plan.