Islam Being Taught In Public Schools

Islam Being Taught In Public Schools

Islam Being Taught In Public Schools

Is Islam being taught in public schools?  It appears that it is.

The Federal Government has told us for years that the 1st amendment prohibits the establishment of a state religion.  However, it seems there is an exemption to the rule.

Apparently the Department of Education has seen fit to incorporate the curriculum of Islam into the public schools.  Today, it seems, Christianity which founded this great nation, is out and Islam is in.  In another instance of political correction gone amuck we have been told that Islam will not only be accepted into our schools, but also funded by tax payers.   This means you and me.

It would be one thing if the schools taught a multitude of religion so that students could see a diverse history of religion, but it appears that Islam is the only accepted curriculum.  The following topics are being taught.

  • What does a Muslim prayer sound like?
  • What do Muslim movements look like?
  • What are some of the things Muslims say when they are praying?
  • They are shown verses from the Koran, then asked to give the meaning of those verses and explain how those verses are used in the everyday life of a Muslim.
  • They are show how to conduct a Muslim prayer.
  • How to wash before a Muslim prayer.
  • How to lay out a prayer rug.

Just how far will this go?  If a one state religion is not an option, then why is our federal government so inclined to push the Islam faith to our children?

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