Illegal Immigrants Are Crossing The Border

HIDALGO, TX — Some residents in the city of Hidalgo, TX say illegal immigrants are crossing the border and have been keeping them up during the night.

News cameras were rolling as several people who were reported to be illegal immigrants made their way through a neighborhood.

Residents say the illegal immigrants used to be mostly women and children, but now are becoming more and more men.

Some residents claim as many as 50 people cross the border at night and cut through the Hidalgo Veijo neighborhood. Some say they are fed up with it.

“It worries us because, as I said, you don’t know what type of person is crossing over. One or two could be hiding in the house and when you leave to take your kids to school like, at this hour, they could attack you.”

“It is alarming because you used to see families, women with their children fleeing from the violence over there, seeking for a better life for their family. They would come to work. But now it’s only men that are coming across.”

Residents have reported the incident to Border Patrol, who say they are investigating the situation.

Source: Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border

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